Smart ways to use LinkedIn for real estate

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. There are currently 277 million registered members since its launch in 2003, including 7 million in France.

That makes two new members who join LinkedIn every second! These numbers are huge, so do not miss this exploration potential for your real estate agency.

The first advantage of LinkedIn is to make themselves known to clients and potential visitors; that many people are unaware. Indeed, at first glance, many of them think that this site is dedicated to the search for employment, while LinkedIn is all a business development tool!

Currently, it has become an essential way to increase awareness of a company. For example, this real estate agency network appears as a serious and willing to be known in the professional world.

It certainly requires time and effort, but it is worth a try!

To begin, we must first create a profile; namely that it is the basis of your project. When a visitor is led to look at your profile, the first few seconds are decisive. This one will know right away if it wishes to do business with you or not.

Here’s a guide 15 tips for using LinkedIn as a real tool for generating “leads”.



1. Professional photo

No one will recognize you if you do not see your face well!
Besides this, the best photos are those that have a background with beautiful solid colours that highlight your face. As a real estate agent you made a representation trade; so you have to present yourself as professionally as the agency.

You should know that you can crop the picture so that when downloading coaching perfect.

2. Use a catchy title

The visible professional title under your name will appear throughout the site.

So use simple and clear terms. Here also stay clear unequivocal otherwise, no one will understand you. Add your particular area; location remains the first search term in real estate.

3. You are more than your job

The biggest mistake people often make is that they exclude their non-work-related experiences. If you belong to various social networking groups or if you blog; made know.

For a real estate agent have local commitments (member of a committee at the town hall, association, sports club …) is paramount, this must be indicated on your LinkedIn profile. Thus, LinkedIn will connect you to this or these social networks for professionals, and customers find you.

4. Create professional relationships that count

Take some time every month to update your contacts and add your new experiences; whether professional or not on LinkedIn.

A simple rule to add or not a contact: would you be comfortable calling that person by phone? If this is not the case, do not add to your contacts.
This includes thinking systematically add your clients, what is the best way to play the word of mouth.

This will allow you to expand your relationships, share experiences and also work together. There is no barrier on LinkedIn; each in a free choice to conduct its business as it sees fit.

A page “Do you know” is accessible. It allows you to add contacts that are linked to one of your training, one of your contacts … etc.

5. Work your recommendations

meet-people-and-introduce-yourself-the-right-wayGet recommendations from its customers or professionals with whom we worked improves e-reputation. You will be recognized in your field. After the end of each transaction, consider asking your satisfied customers to be part of your contacts and ask them for a recommendation.

The best way to get a recommendation is to ask yourself the desired people. Moreover, people can also do it on their own, but this is quite rare because it requires a minimum of time. It is important to recognize the value of people’s judgments; it is a real motivator.

You can also use opinions by sending the same recommendations to your contacts. You will see how you will be surprised the number of returned about you. A more common variant of the recommendations is now the conferring of powers that contacts can assign you.

6. Use your abstract wisely

Fill your resume intelligently so that information goes to the internet.
Answer this question: “Why do you do what you do? “. About you, your past actions. Tell a “story” that exposes the things you have done so far.

7. Do not overlook the details

There is a LinkedIn feature that allows the addition of tools: this is to complete your profile content/skills from other websites.

For example, it is possible to add content to, Twitter and WordPress. It will be providing a complete view of your digital presence to people who see your profile.

8. Feed regularly the conversation

With a click and mouse movement, you can easily control the arrangement of the different sections that make up your profiles.
Beside each title on your profile, there is a directional arrow as an icon that allows you to reorganize and focus on parts of your profile to attract the eye of Internet users.

When loading your page as much data appears. If you drag up, Internet users can see the information of primary importance. Your best asset as a real estate agent will have good recommendations of clients, reassemble this section as it becomes quite comprehensive.

9. Do not forget the benefits of SEO

If you put your public profile, search engines like Google and Bing will index the.
Take the time to optimize your resume using your name instead of “I” or “me.”
You can also create a link to the desired site and your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Tricks To Make Your Profile Awesome


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