Neuromarketing Tips To Get an Edge In Your Market

As entrepreneurs, we need to be regularly selling ideas, products and services, But ironically, selling is not something that is very easy to all entrepreneurs.

Jürgen Klaric, the neuromarketing expert, has spent years studying the human mind and has made interesting discoveries about the behavior of the consumer and how you can sell more by changing some of your habits.

Yesterday Jürgen offered a free streaming in which participated more than 11 thousand entrepreneurs and businessmen. The central theme of the event was “Neuroventas”, an area of neuromarketing who focuses on the science of sales and shows professionals how to sell more and better.

Then I will share some of the most interesting data that were mentioned throughout the event, and that self confidence will help you sell more efficiently.

Interesting, right? Do you feel to put these tips into practice?


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