How to set up Rich Snippets on WordPress?

If you are interested in a little word about SEO, you must have heard about Rich Snippets. You know, those little enriched extracts displayed on the SERP (search engine results page). If like me you have a WordPress website, you may have looked for ways to integrate them into your site. I’ll explain everything.

What is Rich Snippet and what does it look like?

For those who do not know it yet, the “Rich Snippet”, also called “enriched extract” in French is a description of page appearing in the pages of results of the main search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) which is enriched compared to the traditional results.

To benefit from Rich Snippet in search engine results, a page must be optimized through structured data tagging.

Here is an example:

google rich snipet

You should notice several things on this result page. Of course I’m talking about the 4 organic results (not the Adwords ad).

How to set up Rich Snippets on WordPress?

Are you convinced and want to implement Rich Snippets on your WordPress site? First of all, many themes offer it natively, especially for ecommerce themes that should normally display customer notes.

However, if like me you have a showcase site or a blog, you might want to include Rich Snippets in your articles, pages, etc.. How do we do that?

Personally, the only enriched extract that interests me are the stars, it’s graphic, colorful, it really attracts the eye of the Internet user. The Ariadne’s thread I have much more doubts.

There is a plugin that tries to display everything: All In One Schema Rich Snippets.

Personally, I haven’t tested it, because as I said, the only thing that interests me is the stars. There is a simple and light Plugin that makes this Job: kk Star Ratings by Kamal Khan.

The configuration is quite simple, once installed you just need to go to kk Star Ratings -> Settings. Overall the configuration is quite simple, you must first click on “Enable”, then you can choose or display your voting system in stars: Home page, Archives, Articles, Pages. Personally I only left it on the articles, but I could easily be tempted to post them on the pages, I think about it.

In the ” Google Rich Snippets ” part you will have to check Enable, otherwise your stars will not be displayed on the SERP.

star ratings increase ctr

You can also configure “Unique voting” to avoid Spam. This will prevent people from voting several times. On the principle if a visitor wanted to put several times 5 stars that would be top, but imagine that someone who does not like you comes to put 100 times 1 star, you will look stupid because the note would be catastrophic and would be posted on the SERP…

You can also choose where to display the stars, personally I displayed them in the bottom right corner, you should see them in the bottom right corner of this article.

I let you search the other tabs, you can also customize the Design of your stars, text, etc..

Interesting thing, if ever someone comes to spam one of your articles by badly noting it, know that you will be able to Reset the votes of the articles, pages, etc one by one.

As you can see, the Plugin displays the average score, the number of votes, etc. It’s still quite nice and I’ve noticed that my traffic has increased since the (rapid) implementation of Rich Snippets on my blog posts.


Just as optimizing meta-description tags, setting up Rich Snippets will not improve your SEO, you will not gain positions in rankings. However you will be able to generate more clicks and therefore get more traffic thanks to a higher conversion rate. Finally, it is SXO (Search eXperience Optimization) or SERP Optimization.

Moreover, integration being very simple and free there is no reason why Rich Snippets should not be implemented.

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