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Gemini 2 searches for duplicates on Mac

The storage spaces grow, and even with an organized classification of its files one always ends up having copies of files and duplicates which occupy space unnecessarily. Gemini (9.99$, introductory price, regular price 19.99$), which goes into version 2 with many new features, quickly identify all duplicates and offers them for comparison before elimination.

Intelligent search and safe deletion

Right from the first version, Gemini had chosen an interface with a rather licked aesthetic. Gemini 2 redesigns its presentation in depth, more straightforward but as effective.
Drag a folder to the Gemini window to start identifying duplicates.

For an 8 GB folder (22000 files), it takes about 1 minute for Gemini to scan it. With our 40GB Dropbox and 90,000 files, it takes just 10 minutes to identify 2.82GB of supposedly duplicate documents.

If you move the cursor over the colored sectors, Gemini indicates the space occupied by each identified file category.

Smart but inefficient cleaning

smart cleanup feature

Once the analysis is complete, Gemini automatically tries to select the duplicates for which the application has no doubt: in our example, this represents 346.5 MB out of the potential 2.82 GB. You can then either “View Results” or use the “Smart Cleanup” that will place these files in the recycle bin.

In the context of intelligent cleaning, in case of doubt, do not hesitate to use the “Show Trash” button which lists deletions and offers the possibility of restoring files that should not have gone to waste.

In our various tests, “intelligent cleaning” is always quite careful and only removes a small part of the identified duplicates. However, these are files for which the algorithm is sure of it, and we did not notice any errors, it only remains to process the remaining files manually.

Switch to selective sorting

Whether you have used intelligent cleaning or not, the bulk of sorting files considered duplicates remains to be done manually.
For this operation Gemini classifies the files into two sections (exact duplicates and similar files) and several categories (Archives, Documents, Folders, Images, etc.).

The list, to be displayed in list mode or thumbnail grid, details the locations of duplicates, their number and what differentiates them in the form of icons (location, size, modification date). On the right, you have a preview of the selected file.

From this moment on you have the choice between opening each series of duplicates or using the selection options: automatically, old, recent and… randomly. As for intelligent cleaning, these duplicates have every reason to be eliminated except that you need, for example, the same document in several customer files.

In the basic options, you can set the minimum file size to scan and disable scanning for similar files to somewhat speed up the scanning process. It is also possible to exclude specific files and folders or by extensions.

It is then offered to manage the “smart rules” that Gemini feeds as you clean up. it is clear from this feature that gemini mac is simply an amazing tool!

The interesting part of the Preferences is located in the last tab ” Delete ” which proposes different methods to eliminate duplicates: place in the recycle bin, move to a folder of your choice, delete permanently.

Also, you can request that an empty folder is also deleted and the icing on the cake, Gemini 2 offers the creation of physical links to the original file instead of the gourmand file in place. Very smart and practical: you somehow keep your document in its place, while saving space. Note that Gemini 1 users benefit from the $9.99 launch promotion permanently.

Gemini 2, in brief

What we love

  • The interface: practical and pretty
  • Cleaning with its restoration function
  • Processing similar files

What we like less

  • The prudence of intelligent cleaning
  • Analysis time for very large files