Google algorithm changes

Would the Google algorithm still strike in 2017?

Since March 8, the Search community is panicking on Twitter and specialized SEO forums.

Many of them have indeed noticed dizzying falls from their site on the search engines, with a few exceptions of course.

Would Google Fred be a significant new update to the algorithm?

What were the warning signs?

For now, it’s only suspicious updates since it has not been confirmed by Google. And yet, the effects of this supposed Google Fred update are quite real to them. Sudden falls in the ranking of search engines and decreases in traffic have indeed been observed since 8 March. As evidenced by the Rank Ranger risk index, significant fluctuations in search engines were observed around March 8th.

If we do not officially know what is stalking Google Fred, strong doubts weigh on not linking. According to some discussions in the forums, it appears that most penalized sites would resort to excessive use of unnatural backlinks or exact anchors (relating to the main keywords).

And after?

At the moment, the effects of the Google Fred update are essentially (and logically) felt on sites using Black Hat SEO. As time goes by, the update should be felt more widely. Google, which no longer wishes to communicate on the various updates of its algorithm, has not yet confirmed that of March 8th.

We advise you to monitor the movements of your website. The Google Fred update could already have had negative impacts as positive. Among the flood of reactions among webmasters, some have indeed noticed unexpected returns since March 8.

Link Building: Two Invaluable Elements

In the Internet city, links are the streets that search engine crawlers use to find their way around. By analyzing links, search engines like Google can determine the relationship between different web pages. Also, they can determine how relevant a page is for given keywords. Thus, links are votes of popularity. The more links to a page, the better it does in search engine results, most of the times.

Search engines are sophisticated pieces of software that use a lot of algorithms to determine how valuable links are. At the very basic, search engines evaluate links coming from different sites. If an inbound link comes from a popular website, then search engines will evaluate such a backlink as a valuable link. Similarly, if a link comes from a site that is down in popularity, then search engines assign a lower value to such links. Another noteworthy thing about backlinks is the fact that anchor text matters a lot. If a link points to a page with the right keywords, then search engines will rank the page higher. The inverse is also correct.

In summation, link building is not all about gathering outbound links. The value of the links matters a lot and as a website owner, you need to make sure you get valuable links to get right up there on page ranking.

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